Koufonisia islands are two small islets, located in the heart of Small Cyclades, lying between Naxos and Amorgos. They comprise of Pano Koufonisi and Kato Koufonisi, characterized by their exotic beaches and virgin landscape. Both tiny islands are hard to locate even on a map, but offer infinite natural beauty, capable of seducing you into staying there forever!

Many things could be said to describe them, however, in reality they defy description. No words can truly describe the magic the visitor experiences from the very first moment they set foot on this secret island paradise. Koufonisia have only recently been discovered as a tourism destination, allowing their tranquility, authenticity and traditional aura to remain intact.

A classic example of traditional Cycladic architecture with white washed houses and narrow alleys, Pano Koufonisi is the only inhabited island, with a population of 400 people. Due to its size of just 5 km2, all places can be reached on foot. An enchanting setting of windmills, sculpted rocky outcrops, hidden coves, sandy beaches and secluded bays awaits all visitors, inviting them to numerous exhilarating outdoor activities. The charming village of Pano Koufonisi features an intriguing combination of architectural styles, from medieval and neoclassical to contemporary Aegean. The island has the biggest fishing fleet in Greece relative to its population and harbors at its picturesque fishing port all sorts of boats. It comes as no surprise that fishing is the main occupation of the locals, giving the chance to all visitors of the island to taste the most fresh, tantalizing seafood at the local taverns and restaurants. Especially, on the last Saturday of June, when the celebration of the fishermen takes place at the port of Pano Koufonisi, serving everyone fresh fish, followed by live traditional Greek music and dance festivities.

Kato Koufonisi is equally breathtaking but uninhabited. Ideal for uninterrupted relaxation, it features an unspoilt natural beauty, with small natural pools of turquoise waters and golden sand beaches. For those who happen to be around on the 15th August, do not miss the traditional celebration of Panagia; where guests are transferred in little boats to Kato Koufonisi to enjoy a beautiful church service and experience the beauty of tradition and local customs.

At a short distance you will see the dramatic island of Keros. It has been designated as an archaeological site under protection, due to its major Cycladic Art finds.

The rich cultural heritage of Koufonisia, blends beautifully with its idyllic natural beauty and romantic setting, inviting visitors on a journey of discovery!